Open Office

Open Office Version 4.1.7 Free

Free Microsoft Office replacement including presentations, electronic datasheets and word processor

Some people just prefer not using MS-Office and the software within that package. As the alternative is to chisel their information and important data into stone tablets, a very not cost-effective solution, not to mention required storage space and derived information retrieval challenges, some people surprisingly choose not to go there. To those who use neither MS-Office nor more orthodox chiseling methods, Apache's Open Office alternative constitutes quite a good solution.
Apache's package includes a word processor, compatible with MS-Office's word documents, electronic charts software compatible with MS-Office's Excel datasheets, and a presentations software program compatible, shockingly enough, with MS-Office's PowerPoint presentations. You've got to admit you didn’t see that one coming.
Apache's package is called Open Office as it is open source based and is available in various and numerous languages. You'll have absolutely no problem running it on all popular PCs and your information will be kept in standard international format so no accessibility difficulties should occur. Using standard formats also mean that Open Office will be able to cope with files created by other popular office packages and allow you complete freedom and ease of work.
Other advantages:
• Free download and use
• Open source based, so any user can submit suggestions, request and bugs reports
• Includes features other office packages do not include
• Extremely easy to learn
• A large community offering support in practically all languages (except ancient Assyrian)
• Can process files created by other office packages
• Free use without license limitations
Users come first